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February 2018

Grass pollen allergy pill
For patients with allergy symptoms mainly due to grass pollen, the grass pollen pill may be an option for you. If started now you should have benefit in reducing grass pollen symptoms during the grass pollen season. Dr. Christie can evaluate and discuss with you further when you come in for an appointment.

House dust mite allergy pill. 
For allergy patients whose main allergen is the house dust mite there is a house dust mite pill to control house dust mite allergy. Dr. Christie can evaluate and discuss this option for you if indicated.  

Do you have a childhood history of penicillin "allergy"
Many patients report being told they cannot take penicillin due to rash in childhood often without a clear history. There is testing available to determine whether you are allergic to penicillin. Dr. Christie can review whether this testing is appropriate for you. At your appointment a full history and examination will be performed. If appropriate, a follow p appointment wil be made to evaluate for penicillin sensitivity

Allergy Shot Patients

This is a reminder to allergy shot patients that an allergy shot can be associated with a severe allergic reaction. Such a reaction can occur even if you have been on shots for a few years. Most reactions occur immediately after a shot. For this reason you need to remain in the clinic under observation for at least 20- 30 minutes after each injection so that an adverse reaction can be treated immediately. Symptoms can occur very rapidly and be life threatening