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First Visit

Patient Forms (PDF files)

New Patient information:

Dr. Pandora E. Christie is accepting adults and children over the age of 16yrs. To make an appointment call the main office in Seattle at 206-623-2181.

When you call the office you will be asked what your allergy concerns are. You will also be asked about your insurance. You may want to call your insurance company prior to scheduling your appointment to check whether you need a referral and whether the visit and allergy testing will be covered. Dr. Christie accepts most insurances.

You can choose to have an appointment in Seattle or Issaquah. Your first visit can be in one location with follow up visits in another locations. There are 2 forms (above) that need to be completed. One is a medical history update form, and the other is a patient information form. If possible, download these forms and bring them in at the time of your visit.

When you make your appointment you will be asked to stop oral antihistamine medication 5 days prior to your appointment since oral antihistamines can interact with allergy testing. If you have questions or concerns or are not sure about a medication and whether it contains an oral antihistamine you can ask at the time of scheduling. You should not stop any of your other medications. You will also be asked not to wear strong perfumes or lotions on your skin which can affect skin testing. Please note that your first visit may take up to 2 hours since it includes a full history, clinical examination, testing, and a detailed individualized allergy management plan discussed with you by Dr. Christie.

Testing that may be performed at your visit:

  • Skin prick tests: Most patients will have skin prick tests at their visit. The test is performed to evaluate for pet, pollens, food allergy, some antibiotic and other medication allergy and insect sting allergy. Skin prick testing is simple, non painful and well tolerated. A small droplet corresponding to an allergen is placed on your arm and a very small scratch made in the droplet area. Results are read at 15 minutes and then washed off. An intradermal test rarely may be performed.  This kind of test involves a tiny injection under the surface of the skin. Testing can take longer when evaluating for insect sting or medication allergy which includes both skin prick testing and intradermal testing.
  • Patch testing. This testing is performed to identify contact allergens that may cause rash and other diseases. Patch testing requires that patches containing a very small amount of the contact allergen are placed on your back. The patches remain on the back for 48 hours when you return for a “first” read. You may be asked to return in one week to review any delayed responses
  • Lung function tests (spirometry). This testing is performed in patients who have or are suspected to have asthma or other lung disease. This is a simple test that involves a forceful exhalation into a lung function meter. Sometimes the response in lung function to an asthma inhaler (albuterol) is checked.
  • Oral challenge for a medication or food. This testing is not usually performed at the first visit. If testing is scheduled, this test may require that you remain in the clinic for 2 hours or longer. Dr. Christie will discuss the procedure prior to the appointment.
  • Blood tests. Many patients ask about blood tests but these are rarely ordered for allergy evaluation. However you may have a blood test if you cannot have skin tests or if a blood test is needed to further evaluate for an allergy.

If you are a patient visiting Dr. Christie in the Issaquah office location, imaging including CXR and CT scans and lab draw are available on site. In Seattle, you may have a lab draw in the office or be directed to a lab draw office, or radiology department within a few minutes walk. If you are referred for full lung function testing this is performed at the pulmonary function lab at Swedish medical center in Seattle or Issaquah. 

At the completion of your visit, Dr. Christie will have provided you with a detailed and individualized management plan for your allergies. In most cases, Dr. Christie will request you follow up within a month of your appointment to review symptom response and your management plan. Once you have established care with Dr. Christie, the frequency of follow up visits will depend on your condition. You will be mailed a reminder card about your follow up appointment.  Prescriptions cannot be refilled if you have not seen Dr. Christie for a year.

For questions about your visit, medical concerns and billing questions you can call the Seattle main office at 206 623 2181. You can expect your call to be returned promptly, within a few hours or within the same day. If you need an urgent medical appointment these are scheduled for the same day if possible. Dr. Christie and an on call allergist are available after hours and at weekends for emergencies (After hours the doctor on call can be reached at 206-726-2074). 


Is there parking?

There is parking on site in Seattle which is not validated. There is also street parking.  There is on site free parking in Issaquah

If I have a rash or am very itchy do I need to stop my oral antihistamine?

Please discuss with the Nurse. Usually patients continue oral antihistamines if they are very symptomatic or have hives which makes skin testing difficult.

Do you see children?
Dr. Christie will evaluate children over the age of 16 yrs. Dr. Christie may discuss your child’s medical allergy history with you to make sure the referral is appropriate or whether a pediatric allergist preferred.

Do you take Medicare patients?

Dr Christie is not contracted with Medicare or Medicaid

Can I email Dr. Christie?

Dr. Christie does not accept emails. Dr. Christie and her staff promptly reply to questions via telephone. 206-623-2181. Patients can sign up for email announcements regarding office closures, cancelled shot hours or other emergency changes in office schedules. Please sign up for email alerts using the form at the top of this page.